Send money, make purchases and get paid with your mobile phone

Cashless, fast and convenient, Epayzz is the new generation of mobile payment solutions. It is a smartphone application that enables clients to pay for products and services and send funds to others, without a payment card or payment account.

For customers

  • Pay for products and services wherever Epayzz is accepted
  • Send funds to anyone
  • Split bills or share costs easily
  • Free application, free payments

For merchants

  • New and trendy alternative payment method
  • Safer and simpler than cash payments
  • Cheaper than bank card acceptance
  • Versatile use for business purposes


Pay Blocks

“WA hay, its payday”

Money+Card introduces the flexible Mastercard Debit card solution for paydays and beyond. Unified payment blocks are ideal for bonuses, dividends and general payouts in blocks. We named it “Pay Blocks”.

Business Advantages

  • Distribute payments such as bonuses, dividends, and general payments.
  • Terminate cheque payments for payroll and bring payday up to date.
  • Save time and money by unifying payroll in an elegant solution.
  • Pay people directly once enrolled in the Pay Block you create.
  • Timely payment on payday ensuring employee satisfaction.
  • Flexibility for a contract, temporary or out workers.

Private Cardholder Advantages

  • Pay Blocks enrolled cardholders get paid reliably and quickly.
  • Obtain cash at ATM’s or Mastercard locations offering cash back.
  • Shop and pay online and wherever Mastercard’s are accepted.
  • Avoid the risk of carrying around large amounts of cash.
  • Upgrade from card wallet to full Private account.
  • No need to waste time cashing cheques.



It’s arrived, the Mastercard Debit card,
it’s a “real plus”

The Mastercard Debit card is offered to all of our corporate and private clients as a classic Debit Card issued in Euro currency. Simply request the card online or contact customer services. The card is available not only to account customers but to employees who join via an employer scheme using the Pay Blocks corporate payroll solution.