Money+Card is not a bank but a Payment Institute. This means that an account and payment services are provided in a way that is very similar to a standard bank yet without being a bank.  See our “about” page for further details.

Money+Card - as a Payment Institute - is regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

Yes, please visit the contact link on our website, we look forward to talking with you.

Money+Card offers accounts and advanced payments using IBAN payments and an advanced variety of payment connections. These are the systems used in the same way as banks. Please note, that Money+Card will perform the external transfers with SHA (Shared) payment option only.

The term IBAN means, International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and is an internationally recognised format.

Money+Card does not pay interest on account balances, additionally no interest is charged as we offer simple, secure payments rather than loans.

Yes, according to Chapter 440 of the laws of Malta - Data Protection Act (DPA) 2001. Money+Card is registered at the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, 2 Airways House, Second Floor, Height Street, Sliema SLM 1549, Malta.

The login point is at the top right corner of the Money+Card website.

Please find our fees under the fees tab on our website, or simply click here.

The standard account offered by Money+Card is Euro (€). Additional currencies available include Swiss Franc (CHF), British Pound (£) and American Dollar ($).

In accordance with the Maltese laws and regulations covering payment services, Money+Card will not accept any payment in any currency above the transaction value of €10,000, unless you provide supporting information proving the source of funds or in the event of outgoing funds details of the beneficiary. For more information, please click here.

For Corporate applications, the full list is included in the application document. For Private applications, the items are the same as you are requested to upload in the online application process. These include such items as a copy of your Passport. Documents should be posted to Money+Card Payment Institution Limited, 19, St Mark Street, Valletta VLT 1362, Malta.


MasterCard FAQ

Money+Card is a Mastercard Principle Member with its own unique BIN number.

The Mastercard Debit we issue is a Euro currency card. Transactions occurring in other currencies will be converted into Euro enabling the use of the card at ATM’s and POS (Point of Sale) worldwide.

Account holders can request a bank card in our internet banking platform (Bnet), while account applicants should select the card option in the application form.

Cards are normally sent to you by postal delivery. Please see associated fees here. In some cases, it may be possible to arrange to pick up cards in person at the offices of Money+Card.

Mastercard Debit. The card type is both Chip & PIN and contactless for easy payment.

No, the MasterCard Debit card is limited to monetary funds represented in your account balance.

Yes, a cardholder can use ATMs or cashpoints in the global Mastercard network. Transactions occurring in other currencies will be converted into Euro.

In the event of ATM use, the reason for a declined transaction is often displayed onscreen; such reasons might be for example insufficient funds or daily limit of the card. For additional information please call customer support at +35627761315 or email us to: customerservice@moneypluscard.com.

Mastercard Debit can be used at any merchant, both online or at a physical point of sale belonging to the Mastercard network worldwide.

On the reverse side of your card, alongside the signature panel there is a unique CVC2 number. Merchants often request CVC2 for online transactions. The CVC2 is a security feature for transactions where a cardholder is not present at a POS (Point of Sales) to transact.

For security reasons, we do not send a PIN number either via post or email.

The cardholder creates The PIN number by logging into Bnet inside the card menu.

You may change the PIN anytime, simply login to Bnet and select the change in the card menu. A fee will apply for each PIN change as published in our fees schedule.

The cardholder should immediately inform customer services to block the card.

You don’t need to order a replacement. Your new bank card will be automatically issued and posted to you before the expiry of your existing card.

Should you suspect unauthorized card usage, please notify customer services immediately or block your bank card in Bnet. Unless a card is blocked it may be used as an active “non-blocked” card. Any resulting expenditures and/or cash withdraws will be borne by the cardholder. Please review the relevant Terms & Conditions.

The card replacement cost including express postage is published in our fees schedule.

Yes, both the account holder and the additional authorised person(s). Rights and usage Terms and Conditions apply.

The daily limit for ATM cash withdrawals is €2,000.

The daily limit for expenditure combinations is limited to €2,000 and subject to the number of usage events capped at 5 unique transaction events.

Transactions are viewable by login into your account via Bnet and selecting the History menu. Transactions appear as various card activity results in different speed depending on when and where the transaction event occurred.