Private Account

Account related feesPrivate Account
Account Opening FREE
Monthly account maintenance fee € 1.00
Annual service renewal fee FREE
Annual dormant account fee € 1.00
Account closure € 10.00
Blocked amount (for overdrafts in offline mode and account dormancy) € 50.00
Monthly account statement in email FREE
Monthly fee for email notification service FREE
Account statement generated online by customer € 1.00
Issue of financial certificate (Local and Foreign currency) inclusive of VAT € 10.00
Transfer certificate € 1.00
Transaction notification in SMS (per SMS) € 0.10
Transaction notification in E-mail (monthly fee) FREE
External transfer fee from EUR account in Euros € 3.50
External transfer fee from non-EUR account* in account currency € 9.00
Incoming wire fees FREE
Internal transfer between client's own accounts FREE
Internal transfer between M+C clients FREE
Currency conversion cost (transactions in currencies other than the account settlement currency) 1.95%
Internet Access Code (IAC) replacement FREE
User passworld reactivation (after 3 unsuccessful login attempts) € 1.00
Charge if the beneficiary's account (and IBAN) are incorrect € 20.00 + Foreign Bank Charges
Annual fee FREE
Data modification fee (e.g. personal data) FREE
Manual transfer modification / Cancellation / Investigation fee € 25.00

 *fee equivalent in the currency of the non-euro account

Card related fees (general)Private Card
Card issuance fee (first and additional if any) € 4.00
Continuity Fee (monthly) FREE
Balance inquiry € 1.00
PIN change fee € 1.00
Card stoppage € 10.00
Denied Card chargeback fee € 25.00
Card delivery fee (with international courier) € 30.00
Card used in EUR card transactions 
ATM cash withdrawal € 2.00 + 0.25%
POS cash withdrawal € 2.00 + 0.25%
POS purchase FREE
Declined transaction € 0.10
Credit adjustment FREE
Online transaction FREE
SMS service fee (per transaction) € 0.10
Repurchase FREE
Card used in non EURO transactions 
ATM cash withdrawal non EURO € 2.00 + 0.25% + 1.50% FX conversion
POS cash withdrawal non EURO € 2.00 + 0.25% + 1.50% FX conversion
POS purchase non EURO 1.50% FX conversion
Repurchase non EURO 1.50% FX conversion
Credit adjustment FREE
Debit adjustment FREE
Additional Mastercard 
Additional bank card issuance fee € 4.00
Additional bank card monthly fee FREE 
Card Renewal - Replacement 
Renewal € 10.00
Replacement € 10.00
Replacement outside Malta - Card sent with Express delivery € 100.00
Day Limits - EUR 
Cash withdrawal ATM € 2,000 or EUR equivalent
Cash withdrawal POS - cash back € 2,000 or EUR equivalent
Purchase Value - POS or online € 2,000 or EUR equivalent
Maximum transactions - ATM x5 (capped at daily limit)
Maximum transactions - POS or online x5 (capped at daily limit)
Card product Mastercard Debit Card - Subject to application and approval. Terms & Conditions apply. Fees subject to change Mastercard Debit Card attached to Private Account based in EURO, non EURO transactions subject to FX (foreign exchange conversion)
Contactless - transaction non CHIP & PIN
POS - Point of Sale