“WA hay, its payday”

Money+Card introduces the flexible MasterCard Debit card solution for paydays and beyond. Unified payment blocks are ideal for bonuses, dividends and general payouts in blocks. We named it “Pay Blocks”.

Have you been looking for a better payment solution?

As an employer, paying multiple groups of employees can be expensive due to the various external fractured accounts, each transfer transaction costs money. This becomes more so if the transfer is to an account outside of the country where the company’s account is held.

Pay Blocks can lower your cost of payroll; provide direct payments to employee electronic wallets linked to MasterCard Debit card issued to a Money+Card account. The solution delivers a slick elegant solution because the wallets and cards are all inside the same Payment network or pay block.

Smart Payroll Payment.

MasterCard Debit cards linked into the payroll scheme are ideal in cases where employees lack either a bank account or payment account, either due to jurisdiction complexity or various other reasons. We understand that it’s not always easy to open an account. The cards can be used at ATM’s to get cash, shop in store or online or pay bills. Cardholders enjoy the flexibility and freedom of global acceptance for payment wherever they see the MasterCard sign.

Private MasterCard Debit, it’s not an expense card.

It’s time to checkout of pay-cheques. Cashing a pay cheque can be time-consuming and an extra cost for the employee. In addition, these days it’s not a good idea to carry around big amounts of hard earned money in cash. By holding the money securely in an account wallet with Money+Card, the funds are safe, ready to use and accountable online. As a payroll card, the employer distributes funds, has zero visibility of the cardholders balance or spending activity. Pay Blocks is NOT a company card for expenses or car fuel usage, money, spending and balance information is completely private.

Business Advantages

  • Distribute payments such as bonuses, dividends, and general payments.
  • Terminate cheque payments for payroll and bring payday up to date.
  • Save time and money by unifying payroll in an elegant solution.
  • Pay people directly once enrolled in the Pay Block you create.
  • Timely payment on payday ensuring employee satisfaction.
  • Flexibility for a contract, temporary or out workers.

Private Cardholder Advantages

  • Pay Blocks enrolled cardholders get paid reliably and quickly.
  • Obtain cash at ATM’s or MasterCard locations offering cash back.
  • Shop and pay online and wherever MasterCard’s are accepted.
  • Avoid the risk of carrying around large amounts of cash.
  • Upgrade from card wallet to full Private account.
  • No need to waste time cashing cheques.

How it works.


Company opens
an account.


Company joins
the Pay Blocks solution.


Private cardholder enrolls into the Pay Blocks.


Company may add or delete cardholders in our out of the scheme.

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