Money+Card Payment Institution provides Omni Directional payments using the most expedient, economic path for payments dependent on destination, currency and FX conditions. All currencies are held in segregated client accounts.

Account Correspondence

Please quote your Money+Card customer or client ID during all account correspondence. For security reasons, you should not identify the account by your Money+Card account number either in written or via telecommunications.

Account Funding Details

For security reasons, Money+Card never publish the account funding details on our website. The account funding information is communicated to you directly via email or inside the account management environment of the Bnet system. This is visible upon successful, secure login. The structure and format are shown below as an example.

Beneficiary Name: Money+Card Payment Inst.
Beneficiary address: Money+Card 19 St. Mark Street, Valletta VLT 1362. Malta 
Beneficiary account/IBAN: M+C account number 
Details of payment: M+C client name 

Multi-Currency Accounts

Additional optional currency accounts compliment the standard Euro (EUR) account and are available for both private clients and legal entities upon request. The Euro account is the standard base currency for both Private & Corporate clients alike. Money+Card also offer;

Swiss Franc (CHF)

British Pound (GBP)

Outward Transfers & Payments

Global payments can be executed in most major currencies such as American Dollars (USD) beyond the multi-currency accounts offered although we do not currently offer USD accounts. Money+Card use advanced FX platforms to capture competitive market rates. If you instruct us to transact to a specified target currency, such instructions will be optimized in the market.

Inward Payments

Please use ONLY the account funding details sent to you upon opening your account. Non- Euro currencies will be converted for settlement for the currency type and provide the best payment experience.

For example, sending Swiss Franc (CHF) should be sent to the dedicated account (currency unique account number) for Swiss Franc CHF currency. Should a non-Euro currency be transferred inwards to your account; the payment will automatically convert into Euro at the market rate and will be held safely in the segregated Euro account.

Transactions €15,000 and above

In accordance with compliance & internal regulations covering payment services, Money+Card can only accept any payments in any currency above the transaction value of €15,000 subject to providing supporting information proving the source of funds.

Required Documents

Please note that various forms can be downloaded from our website found in the “documents” tab or by requesting this form from customer services.

Declaration of Source of Funds for incoming transfer (DSF) form.

Supporting documentation of the transfer (invoices signed and stamped by the Company or individual issuing the documentation, agreement or other official documents between the sender and the receiver of funds).

In addition; a copy of wire instruction form originating at the sender’s bank (form filled out by you or your business partner when initiating a transfer from the sender bank) if requested by Money+Card.

Please send all the documents required to our Customer Service Team and we will return the specific wire transfer details for your transaction. In each case, please provide your Money+Card customer ID (for security reasons please do not identify the account by your Money+Card account number).

New customers will receive these details on account opening included in our standard welcome Letter.

Excluded Payment Types

  • Cash or banknotes in any currency or in any amount
  • Cheques in any currency or amount
  • Cyber gold or other electronic means of precious metal transfer
  • Bitcoin or any other form of cyber currency
  • Credit Card